Bellingham & Smith, playing with belief for 30 years..
The Bellingham and Smith factory is situated in the small community of Thornhill, 50km’s outside Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Nestled amongst forested mountains, the factory’s tranquil setting creates the ideal atmosphere for our bat makers to meticulously craft bats from specially selected English Willow.
Master Batmakers.
The Eastern Cape, birthplace of Nelson Mandela, has an extensive tradition of indigenous craftsmen creating high quality articles from wood. These same skills, tradition and sense of pride in their work are applied to the fascinating craft of cricket bat manufacture.

Our master batmakers combine an abiding love of cricket, with vast experience and the instinctive feel of a master craftsman. He is a master magician who can transform raw English willow wood into a finely honed instrument of great power.

Protective Equipment

Bellingham & Smith protective equipment is manufactured to adhere to high competitive standards.

The B&S Bat.
Each cleft of English Willow is inspected before being carefully hand crafed by our Master Bat Makers and transformed into a high quality Bellingham and Smith cricket bat.    
B&S PRO SERIES bats are made from Top Grade Willow.
The Handle
Handles are oval at the bottom and round at the top for easier control of the blade.
The Blade
Blade slightly bowed for improved performance.
The Face
Clear face, unbleached and natuarly seasoned.
The Back
The back can be either scalloped or full.
All B&S bats conforms to MCC regulations for all levels