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Thursday 18 January '18

Custom Bat


We have an extensive custom bat making service and can tailor a Limited Edition bat made from top quality Grade 1 English willow to meet your exact requirements.

This unique and popular service allows batsmen to use bats that are designed to the requirements of their personal physique, stance and style.

 All you have to do is contact us on and advise us what you want. 


Bats can be made using various combinations of:

Custom Bat Selection

Bat size

Bat weight for Short Handled Bats

Shape of the handle

Grain type on the blade

Left or right handed

Shape of the shoulders of the bat

Shape of the toe

Side profile of the bat

Blade of the bat

Sweet spot

Hardness of the blade

Number of grips on the handle

Colour of grip

Anti-scuff sheet on the blade

Toe guard



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