Thursday 18 January '18
About Us

Where We Are

The Bellingham and Smith’s factory is situated in the small community of Thornhill, 50km’s outside Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Nestled amongst forested mountains, the factory’s tranquil setting creates the ideal atmosphere for our bat makers to meticulously craft bats from specially selected English Willow.

Our Batmaking Team 

The Eastern Cape, birthplace of Nelson Mandela, has an extensive tradition of indigenous craftsmen creating high quality articles from wood. These same skills, tradition and sense of pride in their work are applied to the fascinating craft of cricket bat manufacture. 

Mick Bellingham - Master Batmaker 

Mick, our master batmaker, combines an abiding love of cricket, with vast experience and the instinctive feel of a master craftsman. He is a master magician who can transform raw English willow wood into a finely honed instrument of great power. 

Company Profile

Bellingham & Smith is the largest bat manufacturing business in South Africa and has a current manufacturing capacity of 20 000 top quality cricket bats per annum. We produce a comprehensive range of cricket bats suitable for both international players and children just starting out in this great game. Our premier products are high quality custom crafted bats made to individual requirements. We also supply a range of accessories and protective clothing such as pads and gloves. B&S offer a cricket bat restoration and repair service. The company employs 20 craftsmen under the direction of a master bat maker.
Executive Team
Managing Director
Mick Bellingham
Mike Grainger, Melvin Hansel

Our Customers

We sell to most of the leading sports shops in South Africa where our products occupy pride of place on their shelves.
Over the years many members of the SA Cricket Team have used our bats with great success as do many players in the other international test teams.
We have a thriving export business to all the major cricket playing nations.